What on earth is March Madness?

March is finally here and the sun is shining…maybe. In the United States it signals the start of ‘March Madness’. For the residents of Bristol, we’ve teamed up with some of our fantastic restaurant partners to cook up our own version.

The basketball

First, back to the States. The NCAA Division I Men’s/Women’s Basketball Tournament - to give it its proper name - began in 1939. It’s an elimination tournament played between men’s college (university) basketball teams which begins on 12 March. What makes it interesting, though, is the sensation of ‘Bracketology’.

Bracketology is where a bracketologist (I am not making this up) predicts how every single match will turn out by filling in the bracket.

Obama (a Barack-etologist) briefly turned this national pastime into a Presidential tradition by filling out his bracket every year it on ESPN.

Trump has refused to fill out a Bracket, causing a lot of controversy.

The food

So how does CityMunch fit into all this? Well, we’ve joined forces with four of Bristol’s best independent food spots to help you get into the same spirit by getting out and enjoying some amazing food without breaking the bank. Pizzarova, Bagel Boy, The Iconic Steakhouse and Smoke & Glaze are offering 50% off all food, all day every day for an entire week. Pure madness.

Pizzarova, Bagel Boy, The Iconic Steakhouse and Smoke & Glaze are offering 50% off all food, all day every day for an entire week.

Pizzarova (which was also part of Happy January) started by selling pizzas out of the back of a Land Rover. Now they serve from an open window kitchen with a tumblr-worthy aesthetic. Peer over and pick your toppings as they masterfully craft your pizza from scratch.

Bagel Boy is a Bristol icon and its ethical sourcing of ingredients extends to its furniture - so you can sit back and enjoy a ‘Naughty Boy’ bagel with a local cider on a recycled sofa.

The Iconic Steakhouse in Clifton Village excels at everything from native lobster to roast pigeon breast to 31-day matured fillet steak from Buxton Butchers. Fresh ingredients, attention detail and a cocktail bar upstairs - what more can you ask for?

Smoke & Glaze cranks up the America in our final week. This pop-up has found residency at The Pipe & Slippers on Cheltenham Road and puts a twist on your favourite meaty classics AND has vegan options. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

We want to make March the time to have dinner with your mum, meet up with friends and spam Instagram by making it cheaper to do so. Discover new place each week and try to understand what on earth March Madness actually is. Score a slam dunk and grab yourself a CityMunch voucher here

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